Quem Somos NPCF


Our services are based in a multidisciplinary approach concerning all practice areas and in with collaboration with other areas and technical insights whenever it is needed to a better understanding of our Clients problems and needs and to give them the best answer.
Through all years of its existing NPCF relies on an experimented model of proximity advocacy – of ready and custom monitoring of the Client’s subject, of proactivity in counseling as a way to anticipate problems and prevent risks.

Preferred areas of practice

~ Administrative and Public Law – NPCF provides all legal support in administrative procedures and their preparation as well as their decision-making processes. We advise in licensing procedures both to public or private entities.

~ Arbitration – The growth of the arbitration area has been one of NPCF biggest bets and because of that our firm has acquired an extensive experience by accompanying commercial or administrative arbitrations with high technical complexity.

~ Rental – NPCF has a vast experience in legal advice and elaboration of lease contracts as well as in procedures of transition to NRAU (New Regim of Urban Renting), procedures of extraordinary lease update and consulting in the various ways of termination of lease contracts.

~ Litigation – NPCF has a team dedicated to dispute resolution in a preventive way, through negotiation and through recourse to the courts when it is needed.
With a strict focus on specialization in the various legal areas, NPCF goal is to always apply the appropriate procedural solutions that are also adapted to the specific case of each client.

~ Administrative Infractions – In this area NPCF works through preventive advices and giving clarification sessions to its clients, or through corrective advice by monitoring the administrative procedures from its early phases (preliminary hearing) until the final decision of the administrative entity.

~ Public Procurement – NPCF has a team specialized in giving legal advices concerning public tenders, whatever it is the position that our Client has in the Contract. We also give legal support in the formation of consortiums for the purpose of participating in national and international tenders.

~ Aviation Law – With a vast experience in the Aviation and aeronautical law, NPCF is committed to maintain a team that is always prepared to respond to the various requirements and specifications of this sector, which can go from litigation to regulatory aspects, as well as transactions and tax issues that occur as a result from them.

~ Corporate Law – NPCF’s provides a general and transversal support to companies since their formation, through its government, transformation and dissolution.
We also advise in restructuring, recovering and insolvency proceedings, as well as international expansion projects.
In this area we provide the following services:
- Constitution of civil and commercial companies
- Transformation of companies
- Contractual amendments to social pacts
- Alterations in share capital and issue of shares
- Assistance in general meetings and preparation of its minutes and notices in the scope of the rights, obligations and responsibilities of partners / shareholders / administrators / managers
- Agreements between partners / shareholders
- Preparation, review and negotiation of contracts related to the transfer of shares
- Definition of corporate governance

~ Family and succession law – NPCF has an experienced team that provides legal support to families and helps them to resolve issues related to divorce and regulation of parental responsibilities. We also support in division of inheritances and succession, providing preventive legal advices and monitoring in resolving disputes in a judicial and extrajudicial form, always taking in consideration and prioritizing the families well-being.

~ Banking and Financial Law – This being an area with its own specificities and complexities, NPCF has a team not only with experience – with people who worked for many years in banking – but whose competence is recognized in the financial sector and also in the academic world.

~ Urbanism and Territorial Planning – NPCF has an extensive experience acquired through legal advice in this area, both in supporting local public sector entities and several operators in the real estate sector and also by supporting individuals, providing them consultancy services on municipal territorial planning plans, in licensing procedures of urbanistic operations and industrial licensing.

~ Real Estate – NPCF has a vast role in this area, highlighting advice in the area of real estate promotion and construction industry, especially in real estate projects and urbanistic operations in the scope of construction of residential and tourist developments and commercial enterprises, contractual advice on real estate operations and also monitoring the formation and registration process of the establishments under the legal regime for tourist enterprises.

In this area we provide the following services:

  • Consultancy in the sale and acquisition of real estate assets, either directly or through the acquisition of shareholdings;
  • Drafting several contracts related to the real estate’s constitution of rights;
  • ~ Social Economy/ Third Sector – NPCF is a law firm specially dedicated to providing legal advice to social economic institutions, area in which we have already an extensive experience and successful cases. Taking into account that it is an increasingly essential area in society’s support system in general and to the communities where these institutions are located in particular, NPCF has as its main focus the support for global restructuring of these institutions, with no geographical limits whatsoever to its performance within the scope of social economy.

    ~ Labour Law – NPCF has a team especially dedicated to this area in particular, which in one hand strives for preventive labour auditing by providing to its clients due diligence services and, on the other hand, provides all legal support required from the preparation of the employment contract, to the worker’s and employer’s rights and duties, worker’s salary and also the termination of the employment relationship.

    In this area we provide the following services:

  • Contract signature, negotiation and review of employment contracts and others;
  • Preventive labour audit;
  • Preparation of internal regulations;
  • Consultancy services on the rights and obligations towards the social security;
  • Advice on collective labour recruitment;
  • Conducting and monitoring dismissal procedures, whether they are individual, collective and also by dissolution of jobs, including negotiations with workers and their representative entities;
  • Negotiation of employment contracts revocation agreements.

  • Economic Activity Areas

    ~ Renewable energy - NPCF provides legal advisory services to several national and international companies in the renewable energy sector, with a special focus on supporting the creation of several international partnerships for the development of power generation centers.

    ~ Real Estate and Construction - NPCF has in its portfolio a vast experience in advising several companies in the sector of real estate promotion and construction, both in the preparation of real estate due diligences, and in real estate investment and divestment processes, following all phases of the most varied urban licensing processes.

    ~ Foreign - NPCF has been providing comprehensive assistance to foreign investors, in the most diverse areas (real estate, corporate and tax), with the elaboration of due diligence processes and providing support in the elaboration of the necessary contracts, having a team specialized in Residence Authorization processes for Investment (Golden Visa).

    ~ Sanitation and Waste Treatment - NPCF has in its portfolio the monitoring of several processes in this area, including processes of closure of waste treatment centers, having provided legal support to several public and private entities in this area.

    ~ Ports and navigation - Being the port activity and maritime transport economic sectors of great relevance in the national economy, also here NPCF has had intervention providing legal advice to companies that provide services in these areas.

    ~ Civil Aviation - Over the years of activity NPCF team has acquired a vast experience in the aviation area, both in the context of litigation and in the context arising from commercial transactions, as well as in monitoring the client and playing an intermediary role between him and the various entities in the sector.

    ~ Banking and Financial Services and Insurance Activity - Banking and Insurance as basic sectors in the economic activity, due to the crucial role they play in supporting companies and individuals, is a highly specialized area from the legal point of view, which is why NPCF has invested in specialized skills in these legal areas in order to provide the best legal support and advice to its clients.

    ~ Oil sector - NPCF provides legal advice in several matters related to Energy, namely in the specific sector of the oil sector, providing regulatory advice and, above all, in the preparation of MOU's, NDA's and service contracts with operators in this sector.

    ~ State Business Sector - NPCF provides legal support to various entities in the state's business sector, both in the corporate aspect and in the areas of public procurement and administrative law. This applies in the most varied economic sectors, like: social, transport and waste treatment.

    ~ Municipal Administration - NPCF has in its client portfolio several entities of the local public sector, to whom we provide legal advisory services concerning the most diverse areas, related to the problems of local governance, namely the ones that arise from the concentration of responsibilities in the production of goods and services at the local level and the increase in complexity and the demand for increased efficiency in urban governance.

    ~ Social Economy - Known as the third sector of the economy, Social Economy is assuming an increasing importance both in the national economy and in the economy of the European Union and is now a sector with undeniable importance. Its specificities, both economic and legal, make it one of the most challenging sectors, with specialization in legal advice and support for the restructuring of social economy institutions being increasingly relevant.

    ~ Agroindustrial Sector - NPCF provides advice to various companies and individuals in the agro-industrial sector, striving for transversal and multidisciplinary support while using the experience acquired in areas such as Public Law and Regulation, Corporate Law, Real Estate and Urban Law, Financial Law and Labor.

    ~ Retail and Consumer Goods - NPCF team has deepened its knowledge into the practice in this area monotoring clients in the negotation of retail distribution contracts, as well as through the issues which have subsquently arisen during the term of the contact, such as regulatory and product safety and liability issues, consumer goods specificities, intelectual property issues and competition issues.

    ~ Transports - NPCF provides legal advice in the area of transports, waterways and maritim transports, land transports and air transports, in the most different areas of operation and with the most different market operators (public and private).

    ~ Tourism and Leisure - NPCF assists their clients in the project’s development from the beginning, by supporting to obtain the necessary and appropriate licenses, to its final implementation and the eventual management and commercialisation of the final product.

    ~ Private Clients - NPCF maintains a close relationship with their clients and provides continuous support at different stages of their needs, from the private investments to the personal and family matters.

    ~ Restructuring and Insolvency - NPCF has a extensive experience in assisting insolvency proceedings, advising both debtors and creditors. The reestructuring proceeding has become increasingly a prominent area of operation for the NPCF team. Its members have specialized in advising from the beginning and pre-litigation phases to the litigation phase and, subsequently, in the implementation and compliance with the restructuring plan approved.


  • Faculty of Law / Lusófona University
  • Associated Rotary Wing Advisors