Quem Somos NPCF

Our history

NPCF e Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, S.P., R.L. was established in 2008 and is a result of a project from its founder and Partner Nuno Pinto Coelho de Faria, who embodied a team of Lawyers that work in association for more than 15 years.
To the initial team joined another Lawyers who shared the same values and that have great experience in providing legal consulting services.
NPCF bets in training new team members and that has been one of our ways of growing and perfect our way of working.
The specialization and expansion to new activity areas is one of the strategies that our team performs while always honoring our principles and values.

In 2020 NPCF inaugurated its new facilities in the heart of the city of Lisbon - Avenida da Liberdade, 144, 5?. dto: a modern and comfortable space that was designed to ensure the continuation of the excellence of the services we provide to our Clients.

Our values

Ethics and independence

Our legal practice is conscious and we focus on achieving our goals always taking in account our hard ethical and professional principles.


NPCF team maintains a close relationship with their clients and always focuses in trying to understand their goals and needs.
To obtain the best result we have Lawyers and Consultants specialized in specific practice areas and through their daily monitoring we are able to give our clients the right legal advice and present a solution to their problems that also reaches theirs expectations.

Rigor and diversity

We are proud of having a team that is capable of providing legal advices in different practice areas.
The permanent monitoring of the several legal developments allows us to offer a rigorous and innovative service with the capacity to give quick answers to our clients and to help them overcome all their obstacles.
NPCF team has the technical skills and the needed adaptability to quickly respond to the needs of their private clients, but also to give the best legal advices to their corporate clients, whether they are small, medium or big companies/corporations.

Vision of future and quality

NPCF relies on innovation as a way of achieving excellence at work. Finding new ways of approaching problems is what allows us to reach the different goals we are committed with.

Our mission

Our preventive and pre-litigation practice allows us to anticipate and to create new opportunities saving time, energy and resources to our clients.

Our commitment to social responsibility

NPCF promotes the values of social responsibility and that reflects in our relationships with our collaborators, our community and the Portuguese society.
To promote our participation in the development of our society, NPCF assures pro bono consulting as well as legal advices to non profit and social solidarity organizations.
We also promote volunteering and passionately defend equal opportunities to everyone.

Recruitment opportunities

NPCF promotes periodic recruitment of Lawyers, Trainee Lawyers and Consultants according to the needs of their collaborators.

We analyze and respond to the applications we receive if they meet the following requirements:
- Law degree
- Passion for law, as well as dynamism, taste for challenges and teamwork
- Professional and personal skills
- Mastery of at least one foreign language (english/french/spanish/german/italian).

Any application can be sent by email to geral@npcf.pt and should be accompanied by an updated CV and a motivation letter.

Summer Internships

Every year NPCF promotes Summer Internships for students that are attending law school to obtain a law degree. You can find announcements for those Internships in this website annually.